Intelligent curtain guide

Intelligent curtain guide

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  • Weight: 1.1 KG

    Rated speed: 20

    Rated power: 45W

    Rated voltage: 230V

    Rated current: 0.38A

    Model: DT52E - 45/20

  • The operation mode is the scroll mode of the rotary axis; Can be side wall outfit, also can top outfit. Wear resistance of conveyor belt, low noise, smooth operation and maintenance; The end has concealment, beauty and practicality, and is the first in China. Self-designed patent track, using electrophoresis coating (or spraying) surface treatment; The track is not deformed for a long time.

  • The use of smart curtain guide rail is widely used, which is mainly applied to the intelligent transformation of home, intelligent office of the office and the intelligent transformation of the factory. Compared with traditional curtain rail, intelligent curtain rail in traditional curtain rail decorative features, also added more color science and technology, function characteristics, the use of safe and convenient, more connected to the intelligent control system, is also available to users via mobile phone operation, the real do the intelligence world.

    • Intelligent curtain guide


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