Intelligent switch

Intelligent switch

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  • Specification:86*86*31.5mm

    Model number:K8-N2

    Material:Pure glass panel touch, light champagne gold, black, white etc

    Dimension: 86mm*86mm*31.5mm

    Rated load current: 10A(16A)

    Working voltage: 110 V – 220V, (50HZ / 60HZ)

    Standby power consumption: 0.34 W/h

    Working frequency: 2.4 G Zigbee protocol

    Maximum service life:100000 times

    Wireless communication launches the most power:20.5d

    Receiving sensitivity: -95dBM

    Resistance load rating of 1000W, such as: iodine tungsten lamp, tungsten filament lamp, electric water heater, etc

     (note: resistance lamps should not exceed 1000W)

    Capacitive load rated power 200W, such as: LED lamp, energy-saving lamp, etc

  • 1.AC220V zero fire line power supply mode

    2.Circuit protection: lightning protection, anti - electric shock

    3.Wireless digital identification technology, each switch independent address code, no interference

    4.ZigBee communication protocol technology, directionless, strong penetrability, remote-wall remote control, compatible with conventional manual operation

    5.The switch and switch adopt intelligent multi-link binding, and each switch can achieve total open, total and single open/close functions

    6.With high sensitive capacitive touch design, the manual touch can reach 100,000 times and the blue light display function in standby

    7.Can be installed at the head of the bed, the two ends of the walkway, up and down the stairs, the entrance door (which can be used for double control lighting, curtains, home appliances, situation mode)

  • The intelligent switch USES a wide range of environment, mainly applies to the household intelligence transformation, the office intelligence transformation, the factory intelligent transformation, agriculture and forestry fishery animal husbandry intelligent transformation and other projects

    • Intelligent switch


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