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Smart door lock industry arises because of pain point.

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Times: 2018-01-22 Source; Doslock intelligent Author; Doslock intelligent

From the earliest latch to the locked the door while now is the hub of security doors. "Lock" along with the social development also in iterative evolution, in people's mind, is the most basic need also is the symbol of family private space.

 A lot of people have the experience and trouble of losing the key, also more or less learned  some unconventional unlock method such as card, paper clips, remove the handle (door), cat's eye open, violence, and so on. So there have been "lock can prevent gentleman guard dog", this also caused numerous home theft and the tragedy of the family property losses.

The rise of intelligent lock is the result of the new door lock industry, intelligent lock merchants hold consumer demand for safety of the original, tackled the mechanical lock pain points on security. The main selling point is "safer" than mechanical lock. When consumers choose smart locks, they consider that the lock must be "safe enough". The second is "convenience"; The most is "networking or connecting people"!

Smart door lock industry arises because of pain point.

On the "safe degree" contest, intelligent lock with buzzer alarm, video intercom, etc, and do a lot creations on open ways. The innovation of the Internet, such as digital password (including dynamic password), mobile phone App (including micro letter to open the door), bluetooth or WiFi, to pay by credit card, fingerprint, iris, etc. Some of the most intelligent lock factory is still the key lock as alternatives, gradually form the habit of not carrying the key to open the door. The increase in the way the door is unlocked means turning the single topic into multiple choices and creating some more difficult technical security holes. In the dazzling open lock mode, the fingerprint is opened with the advantage of security technology maturity and convenience, and gradually becomes the mainstream product form of intelligent lock.

The smart lock will do the subtraction in the open mode, whose fingerprint unlocked technology is more secure, which is in a better position in the market competition and the other open mode has the risk of being marginalized. At present, domestic and foreign well-known smart lock brands are all featured with fingerprint smart locks, which are aided by digital codes, and some of them are covered with thumbprint heads. Some of which are anti-peeping fingerprint. Some smart locks feature fingerprint biometrics; Some intelligent locks lead the lock core invisible protection. The built-in clutch device and so on solve the intelligent lock "convenient insecurity" the industry loophole.


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