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Smart locks are the first line of defening home security!

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Times: 2018-01-18 Source; Doslock intelligent Author; Doslock intelligent

Nowadays, the development of science and technology is accelerating and the popularity of smart home is getting higher and higher. For today's individualized, high-end consumption model, this type of product, which is filled with all kinds of "black technology", also makes many people want to buy more. But now, many people for the smart home still "afraided to go", but intelligent lock has become the mainstream of intelligent series of products, and obtain a large number of users, to win the respect and trust of users. So, what are the advantages of smart locks? The following is the function advantage of smart lock:

Smart locks are the first line of defening home security!

Compared with the home camera, the smart lock is the first line for defensing home security. Strong anti-theft locks in ordinary families eyes are “no use” in thieves eyes. The existence of technology lock, lock and unlock the cat's eye violence, there is always a suitable for your house door. Intelligent locks are more intelligent locks in user identification, security, management and alarm performance. As a high frequency product, the smart lock is not the innovation of the smart home security, but the product with the sticky pain point of the user. In addition, smart locks have transformed from a single product into a systematic product, which is connected with a set of equipment for smart home security, which enables the family to be more three-dimensional through intelligent linkage. A solid smart lock on the home, is really the real guarantee.

From the commercial areas to household, intelligent lock is widespread applied in the field of history. The family also only two or three years time, but only in the short years, a large number of intelligent lock brand salivating, scrambling to a flood. The smart lock is now the most prominent role in the smart home security category, and the black horse is not born out of the sky, but is thick and thin. Intelligent lock, with the rapid progress of microcomputer and computer, the face of mechanical locks has undergone earth-shaking changes.


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