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The standard of smart lock from chaos to gradual clarity

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Times: 2018-01-12 Source; Doslock intelligent Author; Doslock intelligent

Smart locks have a more advanced technological edge than mechanical locks, but that doesn't mean the smart lock market is going to be the same. The biggest obstacle to the smart lock market is not the race between competing products, but whether the smart locks can win the trust of consumers. Is it really "safe enough"? Especially intelligent lock quality directly determines the safety of the smart home, intelligent fingerprint lock are "integrates light" products, the safety performance concrete subdivided into "hardware", "fingerprint identification technology", "fingerprint algorithm" and "cloud security" and other four dimensions.

(1) structure of lock, such as the security level A level B (general protection) of the lock core, and super B (high protection); The material of the lock includes iron, copper, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and so on, among which the iron lock has the lowest corrosion resistance and oxidation degree, the stainless steel material makes the best of the smart lock.

(2) the current fingerprint acquisition technology in general spectroscopy identification, identification of two kinds, semiconductor optical recognition is fingerprint images, such as attendance clock machine is taken by the optical recognition technology, unable to identify the silica gel film copies of the fake fingerprints. The semiconductor gathers the "minutiae" formed between the finger skin and the capacitive screen. The more the feature points are collected, the lower the error rate of fingerprint recognition and the higher the security level. Fingerprint identification of semiconductor technology was first popularized on iPhone, and the security level is better than optical fingerprint identification technology.

The standard of smart lock from chaos to gradual clarity

(3) fingerprint algorithm is divided into "recognition speed", "course rate" and "truthful straightforwardness" three elements. The recognition speed and system comparison sample base on the base of the sample, the greater the recognition speed is slower. In order to put the fingerprint lock is deterrent to minimize the probability of, must expand the sample as soon as possible. The number of smart locks currently on the market for less than 0.1 seconds may be related to a small sample base. There is an essential difference between "true rate" and "error rate". If the iphone 4s has a certain reject rate, it must be repeated several times before it can be unlocked. However, the error rate directly pulls down the security level of the intelligent lock, which is the most important product parameter of fingerprint smart lock.

(4) 315 party exposed the hacker attack the smart home system from the clouds.At present a lot of intelligent lock has a function of using mobile App to open the door lock .The lock of the digital code uploaded to the cloud, the cloud again sent to mobile phones, can even unlocked remotely from the cloud to the electronic password downward directly to the lock, and remote unlock itself is a false demand, gave the industry security hidden danger!

Smart locks, as it were, safety performance is also the embodiment of the intelligent lock manufacturers in terms of comprehensive strength, and less than two years of development and evil people mixed up intelligent lock manufacturers. Market before education under the condition of deep consumer easy to be deceived by false advertising, but as in the next few years the development and popularization of smart locks, fad nature manufacturer brands will eventually be eliminated by the market, the industry standard will be naturally formed.


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