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Intelligent lock accumulates sends thinly in precipitation

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Times: 2018-01-09 Source; Doslock intelligent Author; Doslock intelligent

In recent years, with the improvement of economic level and all things of the concept of Internet, people's safety consciousness increases greatly. The traditional mechanical lock structure design with holes,not proper key management, making its significant deficiencies in terms of safety and convenience have serious disadvantages.There is no doubt that mechanical lock has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of people life wisdom. This is the current domestic household consumer's biggest weaknesses, at this point, the intelligent lock should be "pain". What is a smart lock? Smart locks are more intelligent locks than traditional mechanical locks, which are more intelligent in user identification, security, and remote management.

Intelligent lock plays the role of security, convenient in family.It will reverse the notion that consumers don't have to take the key to open the door. Home users, especially the elderly and children before forgot to bring my keys, must want to please a locksmith unlock, is not convenient. And, the traditional mechanical lock is more likely to be pried open, there are serious security vulnerabilities, threats to people's life and property safety, and intelligent lock to be able to get a very good people these pain points, now it has reached the industry consensus.

Intelligent lock accumulates sends thinly in precipitation

The intelligent lock market is still in the chaos beginning of brands without oligarchs  chaotic giant in various fields to layout. At the same time, some small and medium-sized enterprises with investment make quick mind blindly follow suit, only immediate interests, with a low ratio of intelligent lock products into the market in an attempt to fish in troubled waters. According to authoritative data, 70 percent of the manufacturers of the market are not familiar with the technology, and the products have no standards, resulting in uneven quality of the smart lock market products. Intelligent lock, therefore, the early stages of the market is still in the savage growth, then, in the smoke, but there is no industry standard melee for really do intelligent lock market enterprises, is undoubtedly a fierce battle!

Aiming at the current situation of the development of intelligent lock market, really make the market the enterprise, the intelligent lock quality requirement is very high, do a lock is not so easy, no precipitation of 5 to 10 years, for the intelligent lock the difference between the old factory and new factory is to make a stable lock and make a lock. Intelligent lock manufacturers must grasp cloud service technology, fingerprint technology and safety technology, controls the good smart lock to the quality of our products at the same time, after sales and service is also quite important, otherwise it will cause consumers to dislike and mistrust of the brand, for the whole intelligent lock will cause bad effects to the market.

With the mature of electronic technology, the intelligent lock technology has been able to meet the needs of users. As well as domestic consumers purchasing power is very strong, the price is not the problem of intelligent lock.In China a mature experience good product does not lack of purchasing power, such as a smartphone a few years ago.


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