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The various functiona mode of smart home

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1. Security control

For many families, the most important thing is the safety of the family if the whole family member go out . Smart home security system, not only can monitor home in real time, but also the system can alarm to property and the public security department immediately once broken . The user can also received warning notice in the first time; Moreover, when the concentration of gas in the home exceeds the limit, the system can also detect the alarm, and eliminate the danger for the first time. And even if there is no one in the home, we can always find out everything in the home and everything outside. Security control, let you go out without worry.

2. Situation mode

The situation mode is that you can set up appliances and lighting to meet your needs according to different situations in your life. Home, finger gently press home "mode" button: the living room lights will automatically slowly brighten, the curtain opened, open air conditioning automatically transferred to the appropriate temperature, electric rice cooker to cook rice and soup, the television automatically open to the news channel or start playing your favorite music CD machine. When you leave home, selecting the "leave home- mode", the system will automatically disconnect the power, lock the doors and Windows, no longer need to confirm the door of the home repeatedly to have the lock, the lamp has no relation. Just press a button, everything is done.

The various functiona mode of smart home

3. Intelligent mode

As a smart home, smart mode is a necessary function . Intelligent model equivalent to your home installed the eyes (the human body infrared sensor), nose (gas alarm, smoke alarm), ear (gate magnetism, electronic fence). Moment perceive the existence of you, and according to your behavior, adjust the lighting, socket, etc. When you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, you don't have to touch the lights in the dark, the light will start automatically. Because of intelligence, personal butler takes it with him.

4. Remote control function

No matter which room in the home, using the touch panel can control all the lighting, curtain, air conditioning, acoustics and other appliances in the home. For example, when watching TV, don't miss the key plot because of turning off the lights and pulling curtains. The ventilator of the toilet is not turned off, pressing the remote control is ok. When the remote control light can be adjusted brightness; You can tune the sound when you control the sound; The remote control of the screen or curtain can be transferred; The control of the shutter can be adjustable Angle. Smart home, realize your dream of living remotely and remotely!

5. Remote function

Support for mobile phone, computer, control screen a variety of control mode, remote control of smart home anytime and anywhere. The operation of the whole system doesn't select network bandwidth. 3 G, 4 Gand WIFI Internet access control, process fluncy, convenient consumer queries, anytime and anywhere. Truely realize "no matter where you are, home is at your side."


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